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Reformed Christian Education

Operating a private reformed christian day school is no small task. So why do we do it? Why are we embarking on this adventure? I hope the answers will bring us all closer together, reinvigorate, empower and propel the Ottawa community forward in faith on an exciting journey together.

As Reformed Christians, we do not flee from the world. We do not build Reformed Christian day schools or send our kids to one, in order to insulate them from the world. But neither do we desire the ‘ways of the world’ to win their hearts. We also ensure that we don’t compartmentalize our children’s lives into separate fields of knowledge: ‘Church-life’ vs. the ‘World’. So what do we want?

Would it surprise you to know that every one of us holds at least a dual citizenship? We all hold citizenship in Canada as well in heaven. As such, we work in the world as Christians and we work in the church as Canadians. Together as Christ followers, as a body of believers in covenant with God, we have a duty to teach our children a Christ-centered worldview — a way of looking at the world and seeing that the Glory of Christ is at the center of everything.

What is the best way to teach our children to be citizens of two places: the Kingdom of Heaven and the Dominion of Canada? Place them in a school that is supported by their spiritual community: A community that understands that children are already members of the kingdom, by God’s covenant of grace, but that they need to be taught and mentored along the way, to fulfil their calling in God’d kingdom as thankful Prophets, Priests and Kings.

The Reformation of the church in the 16th century has taught us that all Christians are called to be Prophet, Priests, and Kings (Lord’s Day 12, Q&A 31, The Heidelberg Catechism).

  • Prophets, to confess Christ in all the economies of life (gaining knowledge)
  • Priests, to live lives of personal thankful sacrifice: publicly and privately (Christian service)
  • Kings, to live lives of ethical self-discipline, looking forward to the return of the Great King (living wisely)

This is not only the church’s task, as if a “calling” is only something that is related to church life, separated from our life in the world. On the contrary, this is also the task of the home and of the community in covenant with God; the whole ‘body of believers.’

John Calvin recognized and defended the practice of education for every child of the church. And now is the time to establish and maintain a new Reformed school for the next generation growing up in the nation’s capital, in order to instruct them in all the fields and disciplines of life—science, fine arts, and the humanities — all with a view to their calling according to their talents.

This journey is challenging, but our burdens are light. We look behind, and we see the Father’s immense blessings in all the diligent work that is being done and the doors he has opened for ACS. We look ahead, and see the Father’s steadfast promises and put our faith in them because his Word is unchangeable. He has promised to bless his people when we work faithfully in his Kingdom. Let’s continue to do so, by not burying our talents but by supporting one another and by using our gifts and talents to strengthen the Kingdom and its Citizens, to the glory of God our Father.

Chris vanPopta

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