ACS is a small school that's growing. Right now we are renting space from the United Pentecostal Church in Stittsville. Come on by and witness the beauty of educating God's children about his world through the light of his word. You'll find us on the second floor.

    Ambassadors Christian School
    2031 Main St, Stittsville,
    Ottawa, Ontario

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One of the many blessings Ambassadors Christian School enjoys, is its affiliation with the League of Canadian Reformed School Societies (LCRSS). The LCRSS is a service organization dedicated to benefit its member school societies by:

  • providing organizational, administrative, and educational resource assistance.
  • providing a forum for the discussion and resolution of issues of mutual interest.
  • providing a vehicle for the implementation of mutually beneficial programs.
  • preparing, publishing, and distributing mutually beneficial educational curricula, studies, and reports.
  • providing an administrative and clearing centre for all of its activities.
  • promoting teaching as a career as well as the professional development of teachers and school administrators.
  • developing rationalized and mutually agreeable schedules for the remuneration of teaching and administrative staff.
  • procuring the management of a Health Benefits and Pension Plan.
  • organizing and/or sponsoring seminars, workshops, and conferences to disseminate the results of the League’s activities as a service organization.

The League mandates the following standing committees to serve it member school societies:

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is mandated to structure curriculum development and refinement, to publish the results of its work, to monitor the practical suitability of its work in the classroom and to annually publish a report of its activities.

Government Contact Committee

The Government Contact Committee is mandated to monitor and respond to the activities of government bodies in general, and the Ontario Ministry of Education in particular, to carry out public relations activities, to promote the cause of covenantal education to authorities having jurisdiction and to submit a report of its activities at least annually.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee is mandated to review, recommend, and promote formal and informal methods for pre-service and in-service professional development of teaching and administrative staff, and to submit an annual report of its findings and recommendations.

Assistance to Special Children Committee

The Assistance to the Special Child Committee is mandated to research, and assist teaching staff in preparing programs for the benefit of children with special educational needs, to organize workshops and seminars for parents and teachers and to report on its activities.

Compensation (Salary and Benefits) Committee

The Compensation (Salary and Benefits)Committee is mandated to research staff remuneration and health benefits requirements as well as to review periodically the credentials of teaching and administrative staff, and to submit a report of its findings and recommendations annually.

Pension Committee

The Pension Committee is mandated to monitor and review the pension plan administered by the League and report its findings at least annually.

School Evaluation Committee

The School Evaluation Committee is mandated to organize and carry out evaluations of member schools on a regular rotating schedule. Requests for evaluations by non-member schools will be considered on an individual basis. The committee will report to the League at least annually.

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